Birth Control

Birth Control, or contraception, has changed a lot throughout the years. There are now many contraception options that are available to women. Knowing these options is important for finding a birth control that fits with your lifestyle and what makes you most comfortable. Our Northern Nevada Women’s Health providers will educate you on your options and help you find the perfect birth control.

Birth Control Options

  • Birth Control Pills
  • Nuvaring
  • Tubal Ligation
  • Nexplanon Insertion
  • IUD

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are an oral contraceptive that you will take every day. It is important that if you are using birth control pills as your contraception that you remember to take the pill every day. There are many different brands and hormonal options in birth control pills, your Northern Nevada Women’s Health provider will explain all of your options.


This is a contraceptive vaginal ring. It is a flexible plastic ring that releases a low dose of a progestin and estrogen. The time line for this device is a three-week period. Northern Nevada Women’s Health providers will provide education and it is given as a prescription only.


A single Nexplanon implant is inserted sub dermal in the upper arm. To reduce the risk of neural or vascular injury, the implant should be inserted at the inner side of the non-dominant upper arm about 8-10 cm (3-4 inches) above the medial epicondyle of the humerus.

Tubal Ligation

This is a sterilization procedure tying and/or cauterizing the fallopian tubes and sometimes removing the tubes completely.


What does IUD stand for? IUD stands for Intrauterine Device. It’s a small piece of flexible plastic shaped like a T. Sometimes it’s called an IUC — intrauterine contraception.

What’s an IUD? An IUD is a tiny device that’s put into your uterus to prevent pregnancy. The IUD is either with or without hormones. It’s long-term, reversible, and one of the most effective birth control methods out there. To put the IUD in, the doctor will place a speculum into the vagina and then use a special inserter to put the IUD in through the opening of your cervix and into your uterus. The process usually takes less than five minutes.

IUD Options:

  1. ParaGard
  2. Mirena
  3. Kyleena
  4. Liletta
  5. Skyla

IUD Removal: Getting your IUD taken out is quick and simple. A health care provider gently pulls on the string, and the IUD’s arms fold up and it slips out. You may feel cramping for a few minutes as it comes out.

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